MagSafe-esque Solution For Your Guitar

No longer will your guitar have to suffer an early demise at the hands of a clumsy stage crew member tripping over your amp cords. Coming in September, Belkin is offering a new power connector for your guitar and amp that borrows the magnetic damage protection of Apple’s MagSafe adapter for your electric guitar.

It works with standard quarter-inch plugs and promises no audio quality issues. So it’s a safe bet that rocking hard won’t have you flinging your guitar from your hand because you tried to dance around your wires while playing. For $20, the worse that’s going to happen if someone does trip over your chords is the disconnection between your guitar and your amp, break-free. This will bring great relief to the audience, who thought that your music sounded nothing short of a guitar being thrown on the sidewalk and stepped upon in repetition.

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