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Gaming Towers Keep Your Consoles Organized

Organization is always an issue with gaming consoles. Wires get tangled, controllers get left strewn across the floor, games are left out of their cases. It can develop into a nightmare. The Xbox and Wii gaming towers (it appears someone has something against Sony) helps keep your console, controllers and games in order. Each tower has designated spots for each ...

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If Tangled Wires Are Art

If tangled wires are actually pieces of art, I’ve been creating bundles of cultural significance for decades now. I will gladly sell the heap of tangled mess which I am staring at right now. It’s just sitting here being all artsy and stuff right next to my desk anyway. Let the bidding commence. While you’re all fighting over my masterpiece, ...

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MagSafe-esque Solution For Your Guitar

No longer will your guitar have to suffer an early demise at the hands of a clumsy stage crew member tripping over your amp cords. Coming in September, Belkin is offering a new power connector for your guitar and amp that borrows the magnetic damage protection of Apple’s MagSafe adapter for your electric guitar. It works with standard quarter-inch plugs ...

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Tangling Your Wires On Purpose = Art

Accidentally tangling your wires into a knotted mess really sucks. Doing the same thing in a organized, purposeful fashion, can be pretty damn gorgeous. Take a look at these light installations from designer Kwangho Lee. Lee has mastered the art of tangled wires in the form of lighting fixtures. The original concept was to strip your average everyday lamp down ...

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Cable Carpet solves neatness problem, still looks like crap

Cables are a reality of any geek, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck. Any time you see another wire making its way into your home, you know that sooner or later, you get to untangle it. It’s just like a birthday present! This Cable Carpet tries to take care of the issue of running wires across rooms by letting ...

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