Live Coverage of the Apple iPhone 3G Launch from New York

We’ll be giving you live updates from outside Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City as the iPhone 3G launches. Expect a massive iPhone 3G line, desperate fanboys and a whole lotta’ coffee. Hit the jump for live updates.

8:03AM – Rumor is the line goes down to Park Ave.

8:02AM – I’m assuming they’re letting people into the store in groups due to the rumor that the phone takes up to 15 minutes to set up in-store.

8:01AM – Some guy tried to run into the store with an American flag and a crate of apples but got owned by security.

8:00AM – The iPhone 3G is officially for sale, customers are being let in to the store. Lots of applause from everyone around.

7:58AM – With two minutes to launch, all the news stations are getting prepaired

7:57AM – The Apple team is coming out and now standing outside of the store, wearing orange iPhone 3G shirts.

7:53AM – The line is now wrapped around 58th down Madison all the way to 59th.

7:48AM – 10 minutes to launch. Fanboys have reportedly flooded the area with semen.

7:45AM – Looking for a live unboxing? Pha over at CrunchGear is doing it live right now, sans pants –

7:41AM – A group of people just went down into the store. Maybe some lucky folks are getting an early shot at a purchase?

7:36AM – Crazy religious zealots are going ape shit on 58th and 5th ave. Security is about to go wild

7:33AM – Things are picking up. The line for phones extends around the corner, down 58th st. and down to FAO Schwarz’s door.

7:13AM – Easily hacking WiFi here. CBS’ Today Show is here. Big line, as expected. Plenty of police action across the street in Central Park.

6:15AM – Heading over to 59th and 5th.

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