Apple releases Vista only app, to fix iTunes

itunesApple has just released a Windows Vista only application. Oh yeah, it’s to fix a problem. Please don’t just jump to conclusions, just read and then think.

With the new version of Windows, some problems have arrisen with iTunes. These problems include bad CoverFlow animation, purchased tracks being unplayable, and some iPod corruptions. Geez, just another problem with Windows Vista to rant about, right?

Wrong. How is it that all of a sudden iTunes doesn’t work with Vista? Haven’t there been mulitple beta releases and well as release candidates? It seems strange that there were no glitches with these releases, and now that the final product is out, iTunes is broken.

Anyways, Apple has released a program to fix these problems, and you too can get it at iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0. –Nik Gomez

Download of the Day: iTunes Repair Tool (Windows Vista) [via Lifehacker]

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  1. Do your research before you rant on only Apple
    –TONS of applications that worked on the beta and RC versions of Windows Vista have stopped working in the final release. I’ve experienced exactly this with iTunes as well as other applications. Run iTunes under a copy of RC2 and it’ll move just as it is under Windows XP, maybe a little sticky with the Coverflow or other various animations, but other than that, perfect.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do believe Apple should be able to push out an update faster than they are at it now, but, it takes time.

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