Anti-Theft Device For Bike Leads Owner Into Sticky Situation

Some bikes, like that sideways mindfuck one, are worth getting stolen while others, like the ATB, are not. After all, you spent your hard earned cash to get a bike that’s older than the company producing it, so why should you have to suffer when some dead beat walks off with it? Have no fear, Immobitag is here.

This plastic sleeve attaches to your bike’s frame leaving unsuspecting crooks second guessing. The only way to remove it is to cut the bike�s frame, destroying the bike. Each tag features a unique ID number that you register on the companies website, ensuring them that you are the rightful owner. For only $25, you’d be saving a lot of grief if you ride in an area that’s prone to bike theft. Just do yourself a favor if your bike gets stolen: don’t try to track it down with your radio frequency identification tag seeker gizmo, leave that to the professionals.

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  1. So, basically, I could go place one of these on any bike I see around town and walk off with it.

    When the real owner tries to get it back, I just show the cops my ‘proof of ownership’ id number.

    ….awesome. Im totally getting me a few of these and going on a shopping spree.

  2. It’s a great system and you register the bike, tag and owners details on the website ( USA The police in the UK have over 3000 scanners and are actively checking cycles in 35 different locations as part of their cycle crime reduction initiatives. In Dorset they have reduced their cycle crime by 35%. So now, if you register your cycle with or without a tag, it becomes part of a National database which is available to the police so cycles stolen in one part of the UK but found in another part can now be identified (if they are registered). The RFID tag makes it so much easier as some cyclesdo not have frame numbers and some will have been removed.

    If you want any more info then let me know.

  3. I am looking for an anti-theft device for my bicycle here in Canada. Please send me more information on how you device works, how it prevents theft and how it helps recover my bike if it is stolen.


  4. I would like to know if there are tags, which can send out a signal to a mobile phone or any other detectable signal by an existing service on the internet, when an object is moved or unlocked by someone else than the owner?

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