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Jack Thompson Disbarred: Violent Gaming Carries On

When I woke up this morning, something seemed different. The sun was brighter, the birds were chirping louder than usual. I continued my morning routine and then the news hit me – Jack Thompson had been disbarred. Everyone likes violent games and Jack does nothing more than a disservice to those who enjoy the medium.� The Florida Supreme Court must ...

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Anti-Theft Device For Bike Leads Owner Into Sticky Situation

Some bikes, like that sideways mindfuck one, are worth getting stolen while others, like the ATB, are not. After all, you spent your hard earned cash to get a bike that’s older than the company producing it, so why should you have to suffer when some dead beat walks off with it? Have no fear, Immobitag is here. This plastic ...

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Anti-Terrorism Ideas Gone Wrong

Neatorama has compiled a ‘Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents’. Ideas that will someday become realized. Check out this hippy trying to blow himself up during a protest demanding a “Jerry Garcia Day” be held in the month of August. There are tons of wacky ideas to scoff at, like the doggie earphones, airplane trap door and the explosion containment net. ...

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