Jack Thompson Disbarred: Violent Gaming Carries On

When I woke up this morning, something seemed different. The sun was brighter, the birds were chirping louder than usual. I continued my morning routine and then the news hit me – Jack Thompson had been disbarred. Everyone likes violent games and Jack does nothing more than a disservice to those who enjoy the medium.� The Florida Supreme Court must like violent games, as well, otherwise why else would they not allow Thompson to represent anyone in court.� He’s also been ordered to reimburse the Florida Bar fees amounting to $43,675.35.

Jacky Boy isn’t going to stand for this. That’s why he’s filing an emergency motion against the disbarment, claiming that Florida’s Supreme Court was reacting upon his book Out of Harm’s Way, which somehow received attention from the court. Don’t think this will be the last of Jack Thompson. With this Fall’s lineup of games, he’ll be making a comeback in a big way.

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