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iPhone TV Dinner Case Makes You Want To Eat Your Device Even More

If you already get a hankering for an iPhone from time to time (expensive meal, I know, but you might be able to find them cheaper on eBay as long as you don’t mind them a�little�busted up) then this iPhone case is�definitely�not the deterrent you need. This iPhone case makes your Apple device look like a deliciously prepared TV dinner, ...

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Oscillator Cufflinks Won’t Get You Laid

Looking stylish with those cufflinks made from electronic oscillators. Yes, those are real 25 MHz oscillators� that’ll keep your sleeves looking nerdy for just $10.� Etsy member digiBling hand-makes all of her electronic-inspired jewelry that’s guaranteed not to get you laid. Maybe you could interface these with your Arduino or something? You could have some sort of crazy Arduino top-hat ...

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Anti-Theft Device For Bike Leads Owner Into Sticky Situation

Some bikes, like that sideways mindfuck one, are worth getting stolen while others, like the ATB, are not. After all, you spent your hard earned cash to get a bike that’s older than the company producing it, so why should you have to suffer when some dead beat walks off with it? Have no fear, Immobitag is here. This plastic ...

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You Spilled Paint On Your Laptop Case

Street artist KR, creator of the KRINK line of ink and markers has designed a laptop sleeve for the folks over at Incase. The KRINK sleeve has a dripping paint design surrounding its exterior, so everyone will know what a sloppy mess you are when it comes to painting.� It’s said to be compatible with the MacBook Pro 15-inch, but ...

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