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Exploding Bike Locks Only Work On The Clothed Thief

Combine anti-theft tags for clothes with bike locks and what do you get? An exploding bike lock that tags a thief with a permanent dye, making the scumbag easily identifiable. It’s called the SmartLock, but there’s only one flaw with it: what if this would be bike-napper isn’t wearing clothes? Then, he finds some clothes in a nearby alleyway, ridding ...

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Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Version Leaked

Just a few days after going gold, Fallout 3 has leaked on to the Internet. While it may seem to be one of the worst console piracy cases of the year, so far it has yet to reach the controversial level that Spore has had and Bethesda has yet to make an official statement regarding the leak. So far, only ...

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Hot Wire That Whip, G

We’ve all misplaced our car keys at one point or another. The problem lies around two o’ clock in the morning when you’re shit-faced drunk, have no money for a cab and your keys fall into a sewage drain. No worries. Wired has the solution. It explains in detail all that is required to get your car up and running ...

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Anti-Theft Device For Bike Leads Owner Into Sticky Situation

Some bikes, like that sideways mindfuck one, are worth getting stolen while others, like the ATB, are not. After all, you spent your hard earned cash to get a bike that’s older than the company producing it, so why should you have to suffer when some dead beat walks off with it? Have no fear, Immobitag is here. This plastic ...

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Credit Card Scans From Your Pocketed Arduino

Who would’ve thought all it took is an Arduino, a standard magnetic stripe reader, a display and a little code to be able to read the data stored on magnetic stripe cards such as your VISA card.� I can’t begin to imagine how this DIY provided by Instructables could be abused.� No one is doing fraudulent things with an Arduino ...

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Eye-Fi Phones Home Stolen Cameras

Since purchasing a DSLR last year, my major problem hasn’t been related to having a good time, but rather endlessly worrying if my camera will be lost, stolen or broken. I haven’t had a chance to use the Eye-Fi wireless SD card yet, but I’ve heard plenty of good things. Now I have another reason to pick one up: security. ...

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