Anna Logue Isn’t Too Hot, But That D20 Die Is


It’s Friday and I’m sitting here looking at a really busted chick. Nothing new, except that this time around, the busted chick is’s founder, Anna Logue. There really isn’t anything special about this woman, except that she’s straight up a nerd. No other word for it. She’s a true nerd.

The above picture shows her posing with a giant D20 D&D die, which is cool as fuck to an extent. But the pictures of her dressed up in a Star Trek uniform and as Harley Quinn from Batman. Now if only she heard about Curves or Jenny Craig. Then we’d be money.

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  1. Dude! I’d so hit it.

  2. You’re crazy if you don’t think shes attractive. You must be into guys.

  3. Why is is that as soon as a woman is over 85 lbs she’s considered un-attractive?
    I don’t understand why a bit of healthy weight can’t be ‘hot’ to the populus.

  4. whatev. this lady is the kinda woman i would love to meet! i seriously would have to question the judgment of any dude that did not find her attractive. seriously.

  5. She is NOT fat, and I don’t suppose you’re a shill for the eating disorder (I mean, DIET) industry but that is the kind of shit they’d say.


  6. Are you kidding me?!! How can you think she is fat? She’s gorgeous! I bet your a 200 pound virgin.

  7. OMG! Love it when you find someone you grew up w/ and banged into porn! NOT A REAL NERD! JUST A REAL WHORE! (wouldn’t know what to do w/ a d20 or a d8)

  8. That girl is way hot. You’re being an asshole.

  9. perhaps not a real nerd, but a real hottie!

  10. RAD: That D20 Pillow

    NOT RAD: The strange attitude the author has toward a lovely woman’s body. I’m new to, but this author doesn’t speak well for the site.

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