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DICE + Digital Gaming Cubes Are On The Move!

Digital Dice

Digital Dice is the newest in the realm of bluetooth gaming and finally the DICE+ has begun to ship out orders. The DICE + digital gaming cube sells for $40 in the US, and €40 ($53) and it is compatible with just a few android and iPad games currently. The release of the developer kit however means that this number should increase steadily over the next few months.

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d20 Dice Hand Bag

You probably won’t be able to pass this off as a man-purse, but this d20 Hand Bag seems like a fun project, even if the final product is a gift to your closest girly acquaintance. A step-by-step photo tutorial provides you with all the info you need to make you own. The pattern kit is available in two sizes, one ...

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Concealable Knife And Blowgun For Ninjas

We all have enemies. That’s why Gearfuse posts a slew of weapons such as the WASP Knife and End Table Defense System. No, we don’t condone violence or the use of weapons for any other reason than self defense, but how can we resist with this $15 dollar concealable pocket knife with a folding blowgun attached to it? Simply put: ...

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Jack Spade Dice Set

Kate Spade is for chicks and Jack Spade is for us dudes. They make some pretty decent bags and accessories but this one takes the cake. It’s a $55 dice set with four die total. Each side either says “You Buy” or “I Buy”, putting an end to those late-night dinner tab disputes. The next time you and your date ...

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Quite The Bus Shelter

Australia gets all the fun stuff. And by fun stuff, I mean creative-looking bus stops. This particular bus stop features an ad for the Treasury Casino and is made up of 7563 dice. That’s a lot of craps. Link (via)

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Forgot The Dice For Your Campaign? iPhone Is The Solution

Dice can be some cumbersome equipment to carry around for board games. That’s alright though, because as long as you have your iPhone on you, you’ll have a set of some topnotch dice that’ll have any D&D enthusiast drooling at your feet. It’s only 99 cents from the Apple store, after which you’ll be rolling away with your D20 Gaming ...

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Anna Logue Isn’t Too Hot, But That D20 Die Is

It’s Friday and I’m sitting here looking at a really busted chick. Nothing new, except that this time around, the busted chick is Nerdpr0n.com’s founder, Anna Logue. There really isn’t anything special about this woman, except that she’s straight up a nerd. No other word for it. She’s a true nerd. The above picture shows her posing with a giant ...

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Gygax Is Gone, But His Spirit Lives On In The Mind Of MIT Nerds

The death of Dungeons And Dragons’ creator Gary Gygax left a void in the nerd community which might never be filled. His death has not only led to the newest edition of the game guide to be a pre-ordered hit, among the top selling books on Amazon, but has led some to conduct their own memorials. A group of students ...

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Dice Made Of Keyboard Keys Sparks New Game

Made from a bunch of discarded keyboard numerals, these dice have a game to go along with them. Sure, it might not be as badass as throwing dice in an alley with your homies, but come on now, this is 2007 we’re talking about. It’s about time there was an update. Here are the rules to play the game: + ...

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