Bat Signal: How To Get Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and Adam West In One Room


There have been a wide assortment of Batmen over the years (not to be confused with Batboy, of course). From the BAM! POW! days of Adam West, to the seductive, yet totally unimpressive George Clooney days, we’ve seen our share of Batman acting. We still feel the need to meet the real Batman. And the only way to call the real Batman, is with the Bat Signal.

Now, you can try making your own Bat Signal, but more than likely, you’ll fail miserably, and spend the rest of your life cold, hungry, and lonely. But thankfully for us, we can buy our own premade Bat Signal, which might not be able to notify the man in black from across a city, but should do well if you happen to be in the same room as him, with its 16 foot range. Get your own for $309. You know you’ve spent more on stupider shit. — Andrew Dobrow

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