Abs in a Box: Paint-On Six Pack Give You Instant Definition

Don’t be confused. If you look like John Belushi and want some miracle technique for achieving The Situation-esque rock hard abs, look else ware (you need special software for that). The only thing that’s going to get you close to your goal is hard work. But what Abs in a Box does promise is more definition and even a thinning effect for those who don’t have a washboard tummy.

�If you�re 60 pounds overweight, you�re not going to draw on a six pack, but you can use the same techniques to look 5 or 10 pounds lighter,� Said Jaime Kern Lima, a founder of the company. �And if you�re 10 pounds overweight, you can�t draw on a six pack, but you can create a washboard effect.� Most importantly, the method is waterproof, so your abs won’t wash off in the pool or be smeared away on a particularly sweaty day. Women have make-up. What’s the difference?

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