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Abs in a Box: Paint-On Six Pack Give You Instant Definition

Don’t be confused. If you look like John Belushi and want some miracle technique for achieving The Situation-esque rock hard abs, look else ware (you need special software for that). The only thing that’s going to get you close to your goal is hard work. But what Abs in a Box does promise is more definition and even a thinning ...

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Miss Video Game Bares It All

Good golly, check this hottie out. She’s all ready for Halloween and she’s not afraid to show what she’s got under the hood. It’s a purple ghost from Pac-Man. Hey, wait a second – there’s no purple ghosts in Pac-Man! This costume should be a crime. Firstly, you and I both know this girl has no idea what Pac-Man is. ...

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Weight-Loss Belt For Fatties

Are you an overwhelming fat ass that just can’t shred those pounds because going to the gym is another chore on your list of things you won’t do?� Well, your prayers have been answered! The Vibro Shape slimming belt is said to rid you of your beer-belly in favor of some sexy washboard abs. The belt can also be used ...

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