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Tony Conrad and Ryan Frietas from about.me have announced the launch of about.me collections. The new service applies to all about.me profiles and allows users to create collections of people linked to their profile based on a variety of criteria established by the user.


The new about.me collections feature already has two populated “collections” for each user – Twitter Friends and Facebook Friends but users can develop a variety of other lists based on various criteria. Think of it as a way to create Pinterest boards for your friends as a way of categorizing them. Any about.me collection that you create will appear in your about.me timeline and users can easily browse through other users collections as well for inspiration for their own grouping criteria.

According to about.me execs, the new feature comes as a result of user demand and so far beta testing has proven very successful. It is their hope that the launch of the collections feature will help to increase the number of profile views for their service, a number which is currently at around 100 million profile views this month.

About.me collections has promise particularly for the self employed and smaller companies looking for contracted labor, if you ask us it’s got plenty of potential to become a Pinterest slash Linkedin hybrid. Only time will tell just how successful the new collections service will be but if early indications are anything to go by things are looking good!

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