February 28, 2015

DIYs & Mods

The Hoff and Pam Anderson Get the LEGO Treatment

Two of the biggest stars from one of the best of the worst shows from the 90s. Baywatch launched a revolution, not of television, but of wanking. There is no telling how many tissues this show wasted. I probably killed a small forest myself. I mean, just look at that body. He must work out. It was only a matter ... Read More »

Xbox Controller Chair Made Out of Cardboard

Like a lot of geeks out there I have a constant stream of crap being shipped to me from various internet companies. But I’m getting sick of just chucking all of the cardboard away. There has to be something productive we can create using all of our excess boxes. And then I came across this and I had a “Eureka!” ... Read More »

Create 3D Illusion with Simple Black Vinyl Wall Stickers

An excellent idea for adding some extra depth into your home or apartment, a simple black vinyl wall sticker can transport your light switch into a 3D optical illusion. I’m sure you could pull this off with some plain black tape. You probably don’t even need to buy a special kit for this. Read More »

R2-D2 Stuffed with Eight Gaming Consoles

Star Wars fan and tangled wire advocate Brian De Vitis managed to have one of the greatest brainstorm ideas ever. Why not take every console I own (all eight of them) and stuff them all into that R2-D2 replica I’ve had sitting around the house. Well, EVERYONE has the supplies needed for this project. No excuses. Grab your droid and ... Read More »

WTF Halloween Costumes: Zombie Potato

Us humans are so vicious. We take poor innocent potatoes, skin them while their friends watch and then mash them into a creamy pulp. Doesn’t sound too appetizing when explained so truthfully, huh? But what happens to the dead potatoes that are left behind? They become zombie potatoes, of course. This Zombie Potato Halloween costume is equally bizarre and surreal. ... Read More »

One-Handed Xbox 360 Controller

Righties rejoice. Ben Heck has done it again with a brand new mod. This time around the Heck-ster created a one-handed Xbox 360 controller. The addition of a semi-intrusive joystick removes the need for the left side of the controller. An added mechanism on the rear of the controller manages the bumper action. While it’s not as pretty as some ... Read More »

The Most Embarassing Cakes Ever

Not every occasion is a happy occasion. But every occasion does call for cake! And thank god for that because, come on, it’s cake. Scrum-diddly-umpcious. Just lost your baby? Cake. Just got involuntarily circumcised? Cake. Venereal disease? Cake! Hit the jump for a few of our favorites, or least favorite. Whatever. Read More »

MP3 Hand Grenade Makes Your Bass Go BOOM

Yo, dawg, your music is da bomb-diggity. You wanted bass that really exploded? This decommissioned grenade has been de-bombed and MP3-activated, replacing its innards with portable media hardware and replacing the safety clip with a headphone jack. Link Read More »

A Cross Stitch Sampler of the Internet

Back in the good ole days, crafty old women would test out their hot new stitches on what is known as a cross stitch sampler, basically a strip of cloth with a series of random stitches sewn across it. Most of the time these samplers are tacky and boring, branding cliched messages such as “Home Sweet Home.” The Internet Cross ... Read More »