Thursday , 18 September 2014
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LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

Lego builder Brandon Griffith created this awesome Star Wars chess set made completely out of LEGO elements. Griffith didn’t adhere to the typical chess piece rules. A few of the chess men are actually designed as vignettes from the movie. For example, the king’s bishop is actually a model of Obi Wan Kenobi disabling the Death Star’s tractor beam. Griffith ... Read More »

Handheld Xbox 360

Designer Carl Archambeault (we know, quite a mouthful) posted this excellent Xbox 360 portable gaming system he’s calling the Xbox 1080. The handheld would offer gaming, music, video, pretty much all the media offered by your current Xbox except all small enough to fit in your pocket. Read More »

Knex Chess Set

…and believe it or not, you can make your own. Instructables user I_am_Canadian created this awesome how-to on how to make your very own chess set out of Knex. The individual pieces actually clip onto the board, which means even if you have a pet or a child or likes to step all over your board game, or if the ... Read More »

Ubuntu Script Rocks the Baby to Sleep

I’ve fooled around with most of the major operating systems and Ubuntu is easily the most adaptive. It’s just made for users to fuck around with. So projects like this are possible, if not encouraged. This Ubuntu wizard used a script to make the computer open and close the CD drive over and over again. But for what reason, you ... Read More »

Turntable Clock Made Using Actual Recycled Turntable

Let’s keep the scratchin’ going to the early morn. Yeahhhh, boooooy. Made using an old, retired Fischer turntable and a rockin’ Doobie Brothers vinyl album, the Turntable Clock WAS available on Etsy, but has since sold out. I’m guessing there was only one available in the first place, but who knows, more might pop up if you’re lucky, Link [via] Read More »


Spotted at, of all places, the Oregon State Fair, this LEGO Yoda model just about made me shit bricks. Let it be known that my fecal bricks rarely take the form of Star Wars characters. My crap prefers Futurama for some reason. You haven’t lived until you’ve crapped out an accurate model of Professor Farnsworth. Surprisingly, Yoda only took second ... Read More »

DIY: Rubik’s Cube Costume

Sure, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” might be exciting, but there’s no free candy for slurring your words like a drunken sea hobo. Halloween is now officially less than two months away, which means its time to start playing around with a few costume ideas. If you’ve been dying to dress up in something super geeky this year, you can ... Read More »