Zune Phone Confirmed! Should Mac be scared?


CrunchGear is reporting that a Zune phone is all but officially confirmed. The phone will supposedly have a top download speed of 2Mbps. Plenty fast enough for the XBox-to-Zune streaming that has been floating around the sphere.

The mobile WiMax-enabled Zune Phone, will be fast enough for just about anything that users could want (within reason). The best part? The phone might be available before the infamous iPhone.

If the FCC grants approval to the design, Microsoft will be home free for a May release, a month before the scheduled release of the iPhone. Does Mac have anything to fear? Well when it was a matter of just the Zune and the iPod, we said no. But in the mobile phone market, which is new to both companies, Steve might just have something to worry about with all of the looming competition. — Andrew Dobrow

Zune Phone Confirmed! [CrunchGear, via TechEBlog]

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  1. Since “Mac” is not an entity (unless you’re talking about the cosmetics firm), no, nothing to fear. If you’re talking on the other hand about Apple, Inc., who happens to make an OS called Mac, then maybe. Really, I expect both of these phones to not be very popular unless they allow third party apps.

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