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US-based WiMAX Network Ready To Launch

Sprint and Samsung today announced that its joint-venture wireless infrastructure, better known as WiMAX, is ready for service. This comes after years of scrutiny against Sprint for basically fucking everything up along the way. Still, mistakes aside, WiMAX looks to bring a new generation of high-bandwidth web surfing to our laptops. Have you missed out on WiMAX news in the ...

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Intel’s Metro Notebook concept for the fashionable urbanite

Intel has some pretty cool stuff up their sleeves as of late. This “Metro Notebook” concept is Intel’s attempt at creating a restyled, ultra-slim and ultra-light laptop that takes into consideration, the young urbanites need for class and style. The sub-0.7 thick, 1 kg sized Metro has an outside display built into the back of the monitor which serves as ...

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Zune Phone Confirmed! Should Mac be scared?

CrunchGear is reporting that a Zune phone is all but officially confirmed. The phone will supposedly have a top download speed of 2Mbps. Plenty fast enough for the XBox-to-Zune streaming that has been floating around the sphere. The mobile WiMax-enabled Zune Phone, will be fast enough for just about anything that users could want (within reason). The best part? The ...

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