ZombsRoyale.io: Zero Zombies but Plenty of Relentless Bloodshed

Zombs Royale game

There’s an element of fun that comes from relentless bloodshed—when it’s in a video game, of course. And there’s an element of accomplishment that comes from seeing your username climb to the tip-top of a high score leadership board after you’ve slaughtered hundreds of unknown opponents in a 2D world of mayhem and massacres.

That said, your first impression of ZombsRoyale.io might be from the name alone. You might expect a map of wasteland, apocalyptic terrains, crawling with decomposed, brain-eating zombies…but that’s not the case. Instead, this game pits you against other gamers from around the world, in a real-time annihilation challenge where it’s either kill or be killed.

There are a few objectives to ZombsRoyale.io, including:

  • Slaughter as many of your opponents as possible because every kill is worth a point, and every point racks up your final score on the leaderboard. Sure, you could hide and wait for the dust to settle, and only kill the remaining person. But their score will still be higher than yours because you didn’t participate.
  • Be the final survivor—under any circumstances. This is a simple, cut-and-dry objective.
  • Build your score to earn bigger, badder weapons. This minor objective is more like a mission, or perhaps an objective within an objective. As you rack up your kill counts and your score ascend, you have the opportunity for level-ups and free prizes, which are often better weapons, like a mini machine gun or on-contact grenades.

These objectives, or missions, are easy enough, right? So, it should be easy enough to make up your own missions to keep your mind keen as you go. You could make a mission out of anything—and, in a game of all-out war, lots of people choose vengeance as their main objective.

FAQ for ZombsRoyale.io

How Do You Enter the Game?

The opening screen gives you all the details of how to choose your name, what kind of game you want to play, and a run-down of controls, challenges, recent updates, and need-to-knows about boxes, weapons, and ammo. However, that STILL doesn’t quite prepare you for the chaos of actually playing ZombsRoyale.io.

You parachute from an airplane, above a forest map, with swarms of other gamers. This is where your strategic thinking needs to come in, because you have to hit the ground in movement. If you don’t have a plan from the get-go, somebody with a bigger, better weapon is going to pick you off in a heartbeat.

So, your best bet is to parachute away from others, then find a bush to hide behind until you can develop a few strategies that will keep you alive and on top. This means you have seconds before you need to find a weapon and begin the senseless, relentless slaughter that makes this game so much fun in the first place.

What are the Gameplay Controls? Are They Difficult to Master?

The gameplay controls are your keyboard arrows, the letter E and your right mouse button. To move, use the arrow keys or WASD. To aim and shoot to kill, use your mouse to navigate and your right button to massacre. To pick up objects, like weapons, ammo, and loot, or to open doors, use the letter E.

Battle gameplay

These controls are simple, but in the moment of hectic brutality, they can be hard to remember and master. Our advice? Focus, hide for a moment to collect your thoughts, practice your moves, and then come out swinging—sometimes literally.

Can I Play ZombsRoyale.io with My Friends?

Yes—ZombsRoyale.io now has duo and squad options that allow players to invite their friends to participate in team games. You can send invites via social media networks, like Facebook or Google Plus, or you can go the old-fashioned word-of-mouth direction. Either way, you all need to log on at the same time, pick the same options of duo or squad, and you can play from there.

The different between a duo and a squad is 2 people for the former and 4 people for the latter.

My Game is Lagging. What Can I Do to Fix It?

The unfortunate side effect of playing real-time multiplayer games, of any kind, is lag because sometimes your hardware settings and the game servers simply can’t keep up. While the game developers have been working round-the-clock to fix these issues, there’s always going to be a few bugs in the network. There’s no real way to fix it unless you want to invest in a super-computer, specific for games, that can handle the overload of hundreds of people at once.

Don’t want to buy a brand-new, super-expensive comp system? Wait out the lags. Keep checking back to gauge whether the number of players has diminished. That way you can jump in with zero problems.

Are There Any Close-Combat Weapons?

There are a few, but none as readily available as your own hands. When you enter the game, you’re assigned a pair of colored boxing gloves. These are used for close-combat melees until you can grab your own weapon. They can be effective, at least when it comes to buying you a little time to secure your own arsenal.

Other semi-close combat weapons include the pistol and rifle because you have to be within a few feet of your opponent to inflict damage with either.

Are There Any Elemental Challenges?

The game starts out with around 105-110 players, but that number diminishes SUPER quick. As the player numbers hit 40-50, you’ll notice a blue gas start to fill the outer edges of the screen. This gas is toxic and dangerous, but it serves a purpose in steering the remaining players to the center of the map for a final showdown. If you touch the gas you die—simple as that.

Game deploy

Other challenges come from the developers on a daily basis. Log in to complete those but be aware that they range in difficulties. One minute you might be asked to kill as many players as you can in a short, specified time frame. The next moment you might be challenged to find a rare weapon and hold onto it without dying for a set amount of time. You never know what those creative sadists are going to come up with.

What Kind of Gamer is ZombsRoyale.io Good For?

ZombsRoyale.io is good for gamers that love a bit of intensity and frustration with their gameplay experiences. You WILL get frustrated over how many times you die. And the game can be quite intense, especially when teams gang up on you to take you down. But, if you love the thrill, then this game could be your next ride-or-die. You can play here.

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