5 most Exciting Upcoming Games for Nintendo Switch in 2017

The buzz surrounding Nintendo since Pokémon GO, seems to be maintained with its intriguing wildcard launch of new console ‘Nintendo Switch’.

In its presentation in the New York city last week, Nintendo uncovered the philosophy of this new console. They also reserved a section of seats in an airplane and a table at a diner, with a Nintendo Switch setting with its kickstand out. Two players could compete against each other in split-screen Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or play together to solve brain teasers in Snipperclips.

The company says more than 80 third-party games are being currently development for the new console apart from the high profile games designed by Nintendo itself. From all these games, the below five seem to be most exciting games coming to the console before the end of this year.


It’s a new fighting game for the Switch, playable with both the standard buttoncontrols as well as by setting two Joy-Con controllers parallel. It may look ludicrous, but according to various reports the response of the industry has been largely positive. Either played online orsetting a local multiplayer system, the game gives players a chance to test their gaming skills against the Artificial Intelligence. It is also expected to bring a well-rounded experience making good use of the unique capabilities of Joy-Con controllers. Arms will be available this spring.

Splatoon 2

Releasing in the summer this year, this sequel of the Splatoon launched 2 years back is an evolution in fashion trends, new weapons and gear. It is expected to be one of strongest games on the platform that is potential of leading the category of sports games for kids if it catches on with the community like its predecessor. The new weapons include a dual-wielding Splat Dualies with a new Dodge Roll move along with mainstays like the Splat Roller and Splat Charger which effectively bring in new game play mechanics in Splatoon 2.

Super Mario Odyssey

Among all the games displayed during the Switch presentation on 12th January by Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey tops the list of being the most exciting game of all. The inspiration of this game comes from the design philosophy of Super Mario 64 and is created with the core gamers in mind. Mario is featured in a large sandbox setting having new power levels at his disposal at unique game play locations, along with visually striking levelsbased on New York City. Nintendo fans can expect to play this game by holiday season this year.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It was the cornerstone of the games launched in the event earlier this month. The storyline is more complex with voice acting, and alist of all new gameplay features justifying the choice of the game title, ‘Breath of the Wild’. It appears to be one of the most exciting Switch games coming this year with the potential of being the system’s highest rated, best-selling titles. A biggest benefit that Breath of the Wild has is that it is being launching with virtually no competition alongside the Nintendo Switch – by March 3rd.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The original version of Xenoblade Chronicles was among the well-received JRPGs in last few years which somehow lost its charm just after being released on the Wii U. It could not generate the same fanfare there. Announcing the sequel of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at the Switch presentation came as a pleasant surprise for the fans worried about the end of the franchise. Not much was disclosed about the upgraded game play, except that it will be featuring a brand new protagonist.

From Arms to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, all these Switch games are expected to be the most exciting releases for the system this year. However, in order for Nintendo to avoid the sales woes as with the Wii U, it must keep investing in high quality first-party game development and upgrades.

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