You’ve Seen The Dark Knight, How About The White Knight?

Remember the Virgin Galactic Mothership Hunter posted about over the weekend? Well, Designer Burt Rhutan of Scaled Composites and Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin, have unveiled the latest in aviation technology and the world?s largest all carbon composite aircraft, the White Knight 2. It’s capable of reaching heights as great as 50,000 feet and specifies in training pilots for pre space-flight with positive G forces and zero G exercises.

Branson’s interest in space exploration was inspired by Steven Hawking (not the LEGO variety) and it seems like the days of Star Trek are getting closer and closer. With twelve of these babies being built, maybe those weddings in space will be bountiful in the near future. CrunchGear has great live coverage of the event, featuring tons of pictures, videos and facts on the unveiling of the White Knight 2.


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