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Spyder II GX Green Laser Reviewed

I haven’t touched a laser in years due to the fact that the novelty of it all wore off years ago. But John Biggs, the intrepid editor over at CrunchGear, decided to dust off his boots and do a video review of the Spyder II GX laser from Ultimate Lasers. Comparing it to my penis, he says it’s “really, really ...

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EA’s Dead Space Reviewed

CrunchGear’s intrepid pedophile Peter Ha spent some time with EA’s latest survival horror title Dead Space. While I’m sure Ha was on a junket getting pumped full of cocktail shrimp and Budweiser, he actually managed to put the seafood down long enough to review the game. The verdict? So, should you buy this game? Youre going to need something to ...

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NEWS FLASH: CRUNCHGEAR BLOGGER NICHOLAS DELEON IS “SQUEAMISH WHEN IT COMES TO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE.” THE REPORT COMES ON THE HEELS OF THE RELEASE OF SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING, A SURVIVAL HORROR VIDEO GAME. SAID VIOLENCE INCLUDES: ?the OFLC [the Australian ratings board] cited several high impact scenes in the game, mostly focusing on drilling into and severing body parts. One scene ...

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You’ve Seen The Dark Knight, How About The White Knight?

Remember the Virgin Galactic Mothership Hunter posted about over the weekend? Well, Designer Burt Rhutan of Scaled Composites and Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin, have unveiled the latest in aviation technology and the world?s largest all carbon composite aircraft, the White Knight 2. It’s capable of reaching heights as great as 50,000 feet and specifies in training pilots for ...

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