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Astronomers Discover a Diamond as Big as a Planet

Twenty quadrillion miles away, scientists have discovered a diamond orbiting a star that's only fifteen miles across, but more massive than our sun. This star is spinning over 100 times per second, and the gigantic diamond orbiting around it is around the size of the planet Jupiter.

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You’ve Seen The Dark Knight, How About The White Knight?

Remember the Virgin Galactic Mothership Hunter posted about over the weekend? Well, Designer Burt Rhutan of Scaled Composites and Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin, have unveiled the latest in aviation technology and the world?s largest all carbon composite aircraft, the White Knight 2. It’s capable of reaching heights as great as 50,000 feet and specifies in training pilots for ...

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Students Invent Electric Motorcycle

A group of young minds at the Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, MN have constructed from scratch a lithium phosphate ion-powered motorcycle that can travel at speeds of 60 MPH for 50+ miles before needing to be recharged. Safer than any Vespa you’ve taken for a ride, this electric bike has been built with the driver’s safety in mind.� ...

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New Element Deck Pushes The Envelope

The lightest most durable decks to hit store shelves, Element’s new “Push Construction Positive Negative” series of decks is leading by example and showing old-timers that wood isn’t good. Element had previously released a featherlight helium deck which trapped air in between the layers of the deck. Combining that with with carbon fiber material has spawned the first three pro-skateboarding ...

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