You want minimalistic minimalism? Adobe CS3 icons

adobe cs3 icons

This is what happens when a company looks at Apple, realizes that their simplistic ways are becoming very popular with consumers, and decides to one-up Apple. Well, maybe it’s more of a 3 or 4-up, simply put, Adobe took it too far. These are the icons for the upcoming Creative Suite 3 from Adobe, which has begun with the release of Photoshop CS3 beta that many people have downloaded and taken a look at. These early adopters thought that the icon Photoshop installed was just a placeholder for what was to become the next CS3 icon, they were wrong. These icons are nothing more than a pretty gradient background with white acronyms for their respective applications. Ps=Photoshop. Di=Director. Fl=Flex. So on and so forth. The way that Adobe released the icons is nice, isn’t it? A color wheel with the many variations of colors with each icon placed where its background falls. Wrapping up, if you use Adobe products, with the CS3 lineup, your desktop will become indecipherable, have fun! — Nik Gomez

Adobe CS3 icons revealed [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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  1. I love the icons. think they are brilliant. and they provide less clutter and visual noise in my dock.

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