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iPhone Icon Keychains Can’t Multitask Either

These iPhone Icon Keychains might not have any other use but looking cool, but whoever said you needed anything more than that? You won’t be any closer to multitasking and you’ll have a perpetual quartet of e-mail messages waiting for your attention, but the cuteness geeky factor is surely worth it. Yes, yes? A set of three iPhone Icon Keychains ...

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Dude Creates Personal iPhone Icons

Even being the uber-geek that I am, I think I might be too lazy to go through the trouble of creating my own personal iPhone icons… for every single Apple-made application. Let’s be honest. I don’t think… I know. Nevertheless, this dude went through the trouble of taking pictures of himself, with each photo branding the same dorky expression, acting ...

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You want minimalistic minimalism? Adobe CS3 icons

This is what happens when a company looks at Apple, realizes that their simplistic ways are becoming very popular with consumers, and decides to one-up Apple. Well, maybe it’s more of a 3 or 4-up, simply put, Adobe took it too far. These are the icons for the upcoming Creative Suite 3 from Adobe, which has begun with the release ...

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