You Might Be A Redneck If Your Front Yard Resembles Earth’s Outer Limits


And to think that humans have only been in space for half a century. The European Space Agency has released images showing all of the junk we have orbiting the planet. Space litter, if you will.

Circulating the globe right now is about 6,000 satellites, only of which 800 are still operational, not to mention tons of other crap left from previous launches, and probably a bag of doritos or two. According to the ESA, all of the space crap floating around is not a good thing as space clutter could put spacecraft at risk, and something should be done. Which reminds me, if you find my wallet up there, just mail it over. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Now that’s just funky. Some of that crap needs to be cleaned up…

  2. haha never thought the earth was that littered. I’m surprised that we can astronauts in space with all that trash. BTW, if you want to see something nifty check out their animation that shows the evolution of space debris from 1987 to 2000:

  3. @Ben well I think that despite how much junk there is, there’s still a lot of room left. It’s when the junk blocks out the sun that we’ll have to worry.

  4. Well at least when the junk filters out the sun it will cure global warming…

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