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DIY Jetpack Made Using the Contents of Your Recycling Bin

Hey, we never said it was a “functioning” jetpack. Function is overrated anyway. The creative process? Now that’s where the real entertainment lays. Using a few crafting supplies and the contents of your recycling bin, you can craft your own wearable jetpack. A much cheaper alternative to buying a real pack just to complete your Rocketeer costume. Instructables user ModMischief ...

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OS X Snow Leopard To Feature Trash Restore

You’re running out of hard drive space. You need to install the latest Blizzard title, so you frantically start dragging all your shit to the Trash. All of a sudden, you realize your mother got you an external hard drive for your last birthday and that you need not delete all those pictures of your first cat. In the next ...

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Flexibin – Trash Done Right

Getting excited about garbage can be hard. Take Li Jianye’s Flexibin, an extremely simple trash can design that is made up of a single bent wire. Your trash bag easily stays in the center and the way it ends up looking really depends on you. Using a shitty bag from the deli? Your Flexibin is going to reflect that. Great ...

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Why Stay Homeless? Get A Skip

Oliver Bishop-Young, a Goldsmiths University graduate, demonstrated projects regarding skips at the New Designers showcase in London earlier this month. For those not familiar with a skip or what it is, simply put: it’s a dumpster. With the massive amount of idle skips laying around the city and all the crap we throw into landfills, we might as well get ...

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Clean Chair For A Clean Apartment

We’re running out of places to ditch our old garbage. Recycling bins are out of the question because, as we all know, all trash whether it be recyclable or otherwise all goes to the same place: New Jersey. California College of Arts student Nick Demarco has created a vinyl chair out of plastic bottles and other miscellaneous garbage he found ...

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New Machine Sorts Through Trash So You Won’t Have to

This green approach on dealing with industrial waste is called the Autoclave. It’s a self-sustaining trash sorter that can sort through 30 tons of waste in just two hours. It releases little to no emissions and at the same time can differentiate between glass, aluminum and anything else you might throw out. Trust us when we say it’ll find a ...

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