OS X Snow Leopard To Feature Trash Restore


You’re running out of hard drive space. You need to install the latest Blizzard title, so you frantically start dragging all your shit to the Trash. All of a sudden, you realize your mother got you an external hard drive for your last birthday and that you need not delete all those pictures of your first cat. In the next incarnation of Mac OS X, you’ll be able to click a button that lets you “put back” the files to their original position. A welcome feature to us lazy Mac users for sure.


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  1. Interesting. This feature used to be in OS9?! Also, when you currently “Get Info” on something in the trash (at least under 10.4.11) there’s a “Where from:” field that lists the path of where the file came from so I can’t see why they wouldn’t have the command to “Put Back” in there already??

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