Why Stay Homeless? Get A Skip

Oliver Bishop-Young, a Goldsmiths University graduate, demonstrated projects regarding skips at the New Designers showcase in London earlier this month. For those not familiar with a skip or what it is, simply put: it’s a dumpster. With the massive amount of idle skips laying around the city and all the crap we throw into landfills, we might as well get something out of it.

So, Oliver set up a website that allows visitors to search for locations of skips throughout London, complete with pictures. Additionally, a group of folks have pitched in converting empty skips into public spaces such as lounge areas, swimming pools and gardens. Even a mini-ramp built in a skip for skateboarding was made from a collection of materials gathered from other skips. All that’s missing is the skip crapper.

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  1. So, where do you put the trash?

  2. interesting bit of theft, effectively …. the name and phone-number of the owner is on the side. could be it’s been hired out by a local resident who never got round to putting their renovation trash in there and it’s slipped down the company’s files…

    or maybe skip squatting. if you live in it for 7 straight years and they don’t claim it, does it become legally yours?

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