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Woot Off!

Get on over to Woot.com right now for awesome deals on awesome crap. The Woot Off will be going on all day, so make sure you keep checking their site for the good stuff. Woot!

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What’s In A Bag?

Ever wonder what other gadgeteers are carrying around inside their laptop bags? Surely a computer of some sort and a phone, but what about all that other junk bulging at the seams? Core77 has a great Flickr roundup of photos that showcase the inside of people’s bags. Among some of the items included, we found a joystick, SD cards, books, ...

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The Last HOPE: Electronic Graveyard

Found on the second floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania. A group of hackers were selling old phone equipment and patronizing me for taking pictures. I’d rather be a photographer than a group of fat fucks selling old junk!

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Clean Chair For A Clean Apartment

We’re running out of places to ditch our old garbage. Recycling bins are out of the question because, as we all know, all trash whether it be recyclable or otherwise all goes to the same place: New Jersey. California College of Arts student Nick Demarco has created a vinyl chair out of plastic bottles and other miscellaneous garbage he found ...

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Fractal Furniture Divides Your Junk Into Smaller Parts

Most people have some sort of junk drawer in their home where they throw all sorts of random shit that has no home anywhere else. Rummaging through a junk drawer is typically a damn good time to kill an hour or so, especially when it’s someone else’s. After all, you never know what the hell you’re going to find ...

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