Wool Viking Helm For Harsh Winters And Pillaging

I’ve always wanted my own viking helmet just so I can reenact my favorite parts of Beowulf, but steel is uncomfortable and it’s getting cold outside. That’s why a better alternative to a steel viking helmet is this wool helm made by Cynthia Rae of Candypop Creations. It’s $7 bucks and that turkey drumstick (which goes so well with the hat) is sold separately.

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  1. I’d like to let you know that the helmet isn’t $7, it’s the pattern for the helmet that’s $7.

  2. are these baby hats

  3. How do I order one of these helmets, or a phone number to reach you at.

  4. The hats are not already made 🙁 it is only a pattern to make the hat. You can but the pattern for $6.50 on etsy.com…just look up candypopcreations in the search bar on the page, or the person who designed it, cynthia rae. If you buy the pattern, it has instructions for 7 sizes, from preemie/newborn thru adult large.

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