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Facebook Hack Prank Fills Me With Turkish Delight

A pack of brilliant Turkish pranksters decided to use Facebook’s use of crowd-sourced linguistics for their own benefit. A group of clever hackers congregated on the Inci Szlk message board and launched a full-scale attack on the Turkish branch of Facebook’s language translation interface, which relies on crowd-sourcing to improve the lingustics of the non-English Facebook translated pages. Hilarity ensued. ...

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Inflatable Turkey Helps Vegetarians Fit In

What’s Thanksgiving without a big, juicy turkey as the center piece? Even if you’re planning on eating turkey-flavored tofu crap instead of the real thing, there’s no reason not to feel like you’re at an actual Thanksgiving celebration. The Inflatable Turkey adds a taste of normalcy into your fucked up existence. And that’s all we want. To feel NORMAL! It ...

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Paper Turkey For Vegan’s Giving Thanks

Even if you’re a vegan and you keep clear of any consumables that at one time were living, breathing creatures, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great American holiday that is Thanksgiving. Does the sight of a stuffed and beheaded turkey on your table disturb you? Then decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table with a papercraft turkey. It’s fun because, ...

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Wool Viking Helm For Harsh Winters And Pillaging

I’ve always wanted my own viking helmet just so I can reenact my favorite parts of Beowulf, but steel is uncomfortable and it’s getting cold outside. That’s why a better alternative to a steel viking helmet is this wool helm made by Cynthia Rae of Candypop Creations. It’s $7 bucks and that turkey drumstick (which goes so well with the ...

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Mario should move to Turkey

Take a trip to Akbuk Bay, Turkey and you might be surprised what you find. Scattered along the shore are cottages which strike flashback images in my head of the sleepless nights I spent devoting my life to saving Princess Peach from the Goombas. Seriously, how awesome would it be to live inside of a 1up mushroom? And were these ...

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