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Wool Viking Helm For Harsh Winters And Pillaging

I’ve always wanted my own viking helmet just so I can reenact my favorite parts of Beowulf, but steel is uncomfortable and it’s getting cold outside. That’s why a better alternative to a steel viking helmet is this wool helm made by Cynthia Rae of Candypop Creations. It’s $7 bucks and that turkey drumstick (which goes so well with the ...

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Heavily Armored World Of Warcraft Mouse

Sometimes a normal mouse just won’t cut it. When you’re going to be spending the next three weeks of your life farming gold because you’ve already reached the max level in World Of Warcraft, you’re going to need a mouse that’s not going to flake out on you. Enter SteelSeries’ new World Of Wacraft themed gaming mouse. It’s got the ...

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PQI’s 64GB solid state hard drive looks to replace disk drives

Flash memory is basically always better than the moving parts in a disk drive. The main draw back has been that flash just can’t keep up with the immense expansion that is going on in the disk drive market with the recent release of a 1TB drive. Hopefully, flash memory will get a kick in the butt so that we ...

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