PQI’s 64GB solid state hard drive looks to replace disk drives

pqi 64gb ssdFlash memory is basically always better than the moving parts in a disk drive. The main draw back has been that flash just can’t keep up with the immense expansion that is going on in the disk drive market with the recent release of a 1TB drive. Hopefully, flash memory will get a kick in the butt so that we won’t have to worry so much about dropping our audio players and killing the hard drive. PQI has reintroduced their amazing solid state 64GB drive that will ship in the form of a 2.5″ Serial ATA hard drive. This kind of flash storage is perfect for notebooks because of the limitations of size in a notebook. These limits constrict how large a disk drive may be and how many platters it may have. A 64GB drive is very respectable right now, but still not quite up to par with the 100GB drives we are seeing. Another feature that flash memory has over moving disk drives is the amounto f data it is able to transfer at great speeds. PQI is claiming 100MB/sec peak transfer rate with this new solid state drive. Unfortunately, look for pricing to be well above the $600 that the SanDisc 32GB drive currently retails for. — Nik Gomez

PQI reintroduces 64 GB flash drive [Electronista]

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