Wii decal takes you back in time, and for no reason

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Why do fanboys wish to recreate the past so badly? This is a simple decal that lets you have your brand new Wii controller turn into a “retro” controller so that you don’t have to get out that SNES to get the nostalgia juices flowing. While this decal lets you get a blast-from-the-past, it clashes with the Wii’s minimal aesthetic.

Or at least it will if you don’t buy the matching Wii console decal along side the controller decal. That way you can have a SNES controller with the NES system, wow, next-gen just got thrown back into the time machine. Just one qualm about the console decal: why does it say Revolution. Of course, the Wii’s code name was Revolution, but once the name Wii was announced, Revolution was supposed to be thrown away into the pits of generic names hell. — Nik Gomez

Wii Classic Controller Skin – Retro  [via Destructoid]

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  1. Perhaps it should have read, Wii-volution.

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