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Digital Barbells Help Robots, Humans Get Buff

Usually free weights aren’t the first thing you’d think of when design is mentioned. However, this is not the case for designer Sang-Hoon Lee. This digital barbell concept, dubbed the Revolution Dumbbell, really could be useful if put into production. You set the display to the appropriate weight and inside, balls start to spin. When they spin fast enough, the ...

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Feature: Are desktop PC’s becoming obsolete?

Desktop PC’s have been a foundation of everyday life for most people for over a decade now. If you were to do a case study of computers and their hardware history, one fact remains a constant. Hardware just keeps increasing work capacity, while also decreasing in physical size. With the ever growing explosion of laptop sales and the ever shrinking ...

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Laugh Of The Day: A new incredible fad, “Internet”

[ev type=”youtube” data=”1n4fDgmrF3o”][/ev] Coming to a rec room near you! It’s “Internet”! This 1993 broadcast is so hysterical, even though it shouldn’t be, since this was our recent past. But through the revolution called “Internet”, we can now pass gossip and cooking tips! And for only $200 a year! — Andrew Dobrow It’s called “Internet” [Neatorama]

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Wii decal takes you back in time, and for no reason

Why do fanboys wish to recreate the past so badly? This is a simple decal that lets you have your brand new Wii controller turn into a “retro” controller so that you don’t have to get out that SNES to get the nostalgia juices flowing. While this decal lets you get a blast-from-the-past, it clashes with the Wii’s minimal aesthetic. ...

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