Wide-screen Outdoor Theater probably not as good as made to look


You know how in fast food ads, the food is always made to look like a perfect specimen of slightly cooked processed beef, but in actuality you’re getting the ugliest meal ever consumed? Something tells us this wide-screen outdoor projector is being advertised along the same lines. In all appearances, it looks like a perfect home theater to have a joyous day with family, outside watching a flick.

What they don’t show you is hat coming over the mountain to the rear of the camera are imposing storm clouds, coming to destroy your state of the art, high definition, white vinyl screen made with mesh-enforced PVC. Sure, it SAYS that its cinema quality, but do they mention that if its not used at a specific time, the lighting is all wrong and the screen is barely watchable? I think not. This catastrophe waiting to happen will cost you $2,400 for the 8 footer and $3,000 for the 12 footer. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Make your own for under $100, 4 yards will get you a 144 in wide by 110 inch tall screen.

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