Why Do Wii Fans Enjoy The Wii So Much?

What really makes the Wii so popular? Is it the robust library of games? Can’t be. Is it the faulty control mechanism? Anything is possible. What about the fact that Nintendo has the cheapest system on the market but you’ve got to buy twice as many controllers at marked up prices just so you can play with friends? Nah, that’s not why people like it.

Oh, this video explains it all! It’s the reason why people love the Nintendo Wii so much.� In this video found on YouTube, we see the stereotypical Wii user in action playing one of the first-person shooters featured on the Wii that more than likely has no blood in it. Watch as his excitement and pleasure become fulfilled by his best friend and companion who gets stirred up over the Wii, thus proving the Wii is as exciting as getting fucked by a dog.


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