What Does The X Mean on Snapchat?

What Does The X Mean on Snapchat

The X next to people’s names on Snapchat social media isn’t described very well, like many other functions. Others have the X icon, and there are no hints as to what they imply. Some profile names feature the camera and chat icons.

A friend request from a Snapchat user that you haven’t accepted is shown by the X next to their name. Two buttons will appear when you tap the name: a “Okay” button that accepts the Snapchat friend request and a “Report or Block” button that allows you to report or block the Snapchat user.

Alternatively, you may report, block, or remove the conversation from your screen by hitting the X next to the name. This option is available immediately on the Snapchat page. All there is to it is that. There is no flaw or unpleasant aspect to the X that appears next to Snapchat usernames. It serves as a simple reminder that you have outstanding friend requests to attend to if you notice them.

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Meaning Behind The ‘X’ In Snapchat

The grey X next to your Snapchat name shows that the other user has blocked you or that you are no longer their friend on Snapchat. It could also mean that you haven’t yet accepted a friend request from that individual.

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What does “Grey X Next to Snapchat Name” Mean?

Snapchat’s X might indicate a lot of different things. It depends on how you want to use it, such as in text messages, snaps, etc. It may mean that you have been blocked on Snapchat if it appears next to the person’s Snapchat name.

You can no longer send them snaps, texts, or friend requests, nor can you access their posts. Additionally, the person who blocked you won’t be able to give you snaps, see your images, or text you.

Another possibility is that the reason a grey X is showing up next to the person’s name on SnapChat is that they have deleted you from their list of friends.

The reason a grey X appears in front of someone’s snap chat name may also be because you have unfriended them. That individual is no longer included in your Snapchat friends list.

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What Does Grey X Mean On Snapchat Chat?

It is normal to become concerned if an X with a grey background appears next to the Snapchat name of a conversation with a friend. You might wonder why Snapchat’s name is now followed by an X instead of the normal camera-shaped indicator that appears next to conversations.

The X next to your Snapchat name in a conversation typically indicates that you have been speaking with someone who is not on your list of friends. The Snapchat name of the person’s conversation will have a grey x next to it if you haven’t added them to your friend list. It is possible that you have not added the person as mentioned above to your friend list or that you issued a friend request, but the recipient declined it. Even if you might still talk to the individual, you will miss out on several features if you are not on each other’s friends list.

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X on Snapchat but still friends

The X next to someone’s Snapchat name may indicate a variety of things if you check your friends’ list and see that they have previously been added, yet it still appears there.

First off, if a Snapchat user’s name has an X next to it and you have never spoken to them before, that person may have recently added you to their friend list, but you haven’t yet accepted their request.

Second, it’s also very likely that you and a friend have been talking for a while but have never added each other to your friend list. After some time has passed and you ask someone to be added to your friend list,

If they choose to reject your friend request, you will also notice an X next to their Snapchat name. Although it stings, it is what it is.

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What does the x mean on Snapchat instead of the camera?

On Snapchat, chats are often entirely wiped if someone blocks you, although that might not always happen. Your conversation with someone may not be removed if you have stored conversations with them. You will notice an X next to the Snapchat user’s name who has blocked you in this instance.

In addition to the friend list problem, it’s also possible that someone will block you from their friend list. In that case, unless they remove you from their blocked list, you won’t be able to remove the X from next to the Snapchat name of that particular discussion, so you need to resolve this with your friend.

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In conclusion, the X icon on Snapchat indicates that you and a friend are no longer Snapchat friends. This implies that they won’t respond well to your communications delivered to them, and vice versa. Additionally, Pending will show below their Snapchat message.

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