Western Digital kicks USB 2.0 in the ass and brings in eSATA

western digital my bookThe external hard drive market has done fairly well lately, but there has always been that problem of the USB 2.0 speeds. USB is fine when transfering a few photos or the likes, but what about when you want to move gigabytes of movies? USB just doesn’t cut it. The new Western Digial My Book drive integrates what is called external SATA technology to defeat these speed problems. The drive is able of reaching bursts of up to 300MB per second; that’s 5x faster than the USB burst speed of 60MB. The drives are selling for $179 and $229, and come in capacities of 320 and 500GB. If you are looking for a super fast external hard drive, this is it. –Nik Gomez

Western Digital rolls out My Book drive with eSATA [via Electronista]

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