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Dual HDD Docking Station Transfers via eSATA

How much data you packin’ over there? Enough to have extra hard drives laying around, full of media? This Dual HDD Docking Station allows for any two 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA harddisks to connect to your computer via the eSATA port. This plug-and-play driverless docking station is great if you just want to have all of your data supplied to ...

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ECS Core 2 nForce 650i Motherboard for overclocking users

Elitegroup Computer Systems recently announced their addition to their ATX motherboard family with the NF650iSLIT-A LGA775 (or the 650i if your keeping score at home). The 650i has tremendous external connectivity with support for 10 USB devices, along with gigabit LAN connections. Also included with the 650i is two PCI Express x16 slots, arranged in a user-friendly x8 by x8 ...

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Western Digital kicks USB 2.0 in the ass and brings in eSATA

The external hard drive market has done fairly well lately, but there has always been that problem of the USB 2.0 speeds. USB is fine when transfering a few photos or the likes, but what about when you want to move gigabytes of movies? USB just doesn’t cut it. The new Western Digial My Book drive integrates what is called ...

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