Walmart, get with it, Firefox is real and it has a market share

walmart css

Walmart has outdone Apple with its major studio online video download service. There, it’s been said, now let’s get to the part where Walmart screwed up big time.

Just visit the site. Yeah, it really does look like that (if you are using IE, not only are you crazy, you won’t get this article). That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a broken CSS file looks like. Walmart’s new video service is broken in Firefox! How can you expect to gain huge profits when you alienate over 10% of the people on the internet. Walmart needs to realize that, even though techies probably wouldn’t use Walmart to download videos, they are still the only one’s who really know how. By alienating them, it’s more than a shot in the foot. It’s more like a saw to the ankle. Yes, it’s that bad. –Nik Gomez

Walmart Video Downloads [via]

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