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Snapchat Won’t Download On My iPhone: Quick Fixes

Snapchat Won't Download on iPhone

After installing the iOS 13 upgrade, it’s usual for previously smooth-running apps to start having issues because they’re still getting used to the newest version on the iPhone. Similar things take place when a new version of a computer program is installed. These unwanted symptoms can arise from many different conditions, most of which are software-related.  A similar problem is ...

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iOS 4 to Drop at 1 PM ET

According to sources across Twitter, Apple’s new iOS 4 for the iPhone will be available for download around 1 PM ET. If any of you are as eager as I am to get your hands on the final product, then I’m sure you’ve been checking iTunes every few minutes. Occasionally, Apple plants the download on their Software Update site a ...

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The Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos Ever

It couldn’t get much simpler, even if YouTube added their own download button. Replace the “Y” of any YouTube video URL with a “3” and you’ll be automatically directed to 3ouTube’s awesome download service which allows you to download the video with a click or two. For example, say the URL of the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY (one of my personal ...

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iPhone 3.0 Released, Download It Now

Update: Doesn’t seem to be showing up on Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 site, but the “Check for updates” button on the iPhone interface on iTunes does the trick. It’s up on the site now! Yipeee! The wait is finally over! Apple has officially released the iPhone 3.0 OS upgrade, which includes copy & paste, MMS, peer-to-peer gaming, tethering plus 100 ...

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FCC Approves Beefed Up WiFi

Do you have any idea how long it takes for me to download pictures of my favorite Enterprise captain, Kathryn Janeway, in the nude? A long time. This is because I’m running on a WiFi network that’s older than time itself. I’d be lucky if this thing wasn’t putting out harmful rays that will have me growing extra limbs. It’s ...

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Nintendo Strikes Back

Sorry to burst your bubble, pirates, but it seems that Nintendo’s next handheld unit will block flash carts used for pirating games. It took Nintendo a long enough time to take legal action against the creators of such flash carts as the R4 or N5, now it’s making damn sure that no one is going to illegally emulate its games. ...

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Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Version Leaked

Just a few days after going gold, Fallout 3 has leaked on to the Internet. While it may seem to be one of the worst console piracy cases of the year, so far it has yet to reach the controversial level that Spore has had and Bethesda has yet to make an official statement regarding the leak. So far, only ...

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Watch Out! Sony DRM Is A Rough Experience

If you find yourself purchasing videos from Sony’s Playstation Network, be wary: You may want to read the Terms of Service thoroughly or you could risk the possibility of losing all of your purchased digital goods thanks to Sony’s DRM policy. An Ars Technica forum-goer dubbed Noise found this out the hard way and warns others of this unfair policy. ...

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