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Taste of Tech: Tangled Webs of Health, Purity, and Processed Food

Michelle Obama teams up with Walmart to fight obesity and bring down the cost of healthy food. But the problems of processed food emerged from yesterday's answers to questions of purity, safety, and health; will the future be any different? The latest in our series on the science and technology of food, co-produced with GOOD.

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Dino Van Owner Likely Not Allowed Near Schools

This might as well be called the Pedo Mobile. You couldn’t get much more creepy unless you walk around with a sign that says “I have lots of free candy.” The promise of toys is made clear from the Dino Van’s facade. Spotted where else, but Walmart. If the Dino Van is a-rockin’, you better come a-knockin’ or call the ...

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Walmart.com Keeps Their Eye on Amazon, Allows Third Party Retailers

In a move which suggests that Walmart is planning a full-on merchant battle with Amazon sometime in the future, Walmart.com has announced that a select group of third-party merchants will now be allowed to sell their products through the site. All in all, this is a great move by Walmart and something potentially something to worry about for Amazon and ...

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Walmart Now Has Video Game Trade-in Kiosks

Good news! Walmart isn’t just for hicks and drug addicts anymore! Now gamers can actually get excited about their parents dragging them to everyone’s favorite discount retailer. 77 stores in the Northeast US have received these nifty trade-in kiosks. You trade in your games and the value is put on your credit card a few days later. I wonder if ...

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