Verbatim Lightscribe discs still greystyle

verbatim lightscribe discsAre you tired of wasting all of your black Sharpee markers, just to write the titles of all the CDs you burn on a daily basis? The Lightscribe feature that many disc burners are adding nowadays solves this problem. Using the Lightscribe technology, the drive is able to burn an image onto the side of the disc that is normally used for labeling, all you have to do is flip the disc over once burning is finished. Unfortunately, Lightscribe is only able to write on specially coated discs and is limited to greystyle designs. Verbatim, in an attempt to address the second problem, has released colored discs, so that while greystyle is all that the drive can do, it’s the disc that adds some color (green, blue, orange, red or yellow) into the mix. Another downfall of this seemingly interesting and useful technology is the cost of the discs, not the drives. The color discs that have been released are currently retailing for $20 for a 25-pack. That’s 80 cents per disc when normal CD-Rs cost about 15 cents per disc.

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  1. I think you mean greyscale, not greystyle. Greystyle isn’t even a word.

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