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Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive

Are you still looking for a Blu-ray player? Vince already told you that a PlayStation 3 is the way to go. What? You don’t have four hundred bucks? Sheesh. Bummer. I guess the $289 Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive will have to suffice. While it’s not as “super” as the PS3 at playing video games, it can burn DVDs and ...

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Verbatim Lightscribe discs still greystyle

Are you tired of wasting all of your black Sharpee markers, just to write the titles of all the CDs you burn on a daily basis? The Lightscribe feature that many disc burners are adding nowadays solves this problem. Using the Lightscribe technology, the drive is able to burn an image onto the side of the disc that is normally ...

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