UNDFTD Obama T-Shirt

Barack Obama clothing is everywhere these days. In order to give your even more Obama wardrobe options, UNDFTD teamed up with Geoff McFetridge to make this shirt featuring likenesses of the Democratic Presidential candidate.

UNDFTD’s Obama shirt is part of a voter registration drive. They’re releasing the shirt at an event in Las Vegas on October 4th. It’s a pretty cool shirt, but I can’t help but think that it looks a bit like a ripoff of Pharrell’s last album cover.


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  1. Way late to this one, but I think it’s actually taking inspiration from this film:


  2. Cool, but please take a look at this company that’s been a supporter-driven company since early 2007. These are some of the coolest Obama shirts around. Most say Barack Star, which is really cool, but a great one is the PRESIDENT shirt. Check them out… http://www.barackstar08.com

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