Umbrella Offers Pre-Emptive Weather Reports


How many times have you walked out of your house in the morning without checking the weather, only to be stuck in the rain later that day, sans an umbrella? You really suck at life sometimes. Hell, we all do. But our hands are full. Smelling like wet dog is so unappealing, and you can only wish you look as cute as a wet canine. The Rain Forecasting Umbrella from Materious uses a lit handle to notify you that there is rain scheduled in Mother Nature’s agenda planner.

Utilizing any nearby WiFi connection, the umbrella gathers data on the chance of precipitation in your area, glowing brighter as the chance increases. Maybe next time you’ll be prepared and not have to use that extra pair of clothes your keep in your car for those “you know, just in case” situations. Why didn’t they go ahead and add some Flickr functionality too?


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