Chinese government to control the weather at the Olympic Games


Those mad scientists over in China have a crazy scheme hatched to make sure that nothing rains on their parade. The Beijing Olympics are rapidly approaching and with China’s renown downpours, cynics have dashed hope on a happy Olympic outing in the motherland. The Chinese government has decided to take nature into their own hands. They plan on using new technology to defer bad weather from the Olympic Stadium.

If a storm approaches the city, China will use silver iodide to force the rainfall out of the clouds before they reach the games. China remains ahead of America in the great weather control race, and the Olympics will be a good chance for those commies to strut their stuff. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. blow your whistle

    china sucks

  2. femmiNaughtzzzi commie’s suck. they kill children, and vote for Hitler..erm Clinton

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