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Flocks of Trouble

A mystery deepens as more redwing blackbirds turn up dead in the America South. It's likely not UFOs or secret weapons, but the birds' instinctual flocking behavior, that's to blame.

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Hurricane Earl As Seen From the International Space Station

Shot on August 30th from the International Space Station, NASA released this photo which shows Hurricane Earl as a category 4 storm from the perspective of space. The photo was snapped by NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock with a DSLR camera. With maximum sustained winds of 135 miles, it’s unique views like this, rather than weather radar animations, that really puts ...

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Rain Level Boots Measure Your Misery

I don’t live in a particularly flood susceptible area. But believe it or not, Jersey has its share of flood zones. I’ve never been in flood waters that went above the soles of my shoes, but from what I hear, it can’t be a fun experience. One thing I know for sure about precipitation levels is that meteorologists cannot be ...

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